Jul 23, 2009

The old computer

I've been struggling with the old computer at work here. It's like an old dog; it likes to lie down in a familiar spot, but trying to get it to do anything new, like this blog, is a serious battle. It's detracting from my experience of modern of technology. Hmmmn...
I was complaining about it to a colleague that I met through the BC booksellers association. She suggested that I pour some orange juice on it! What a good idea! Perhaps next week we'll have an "incident" and I'll be blogging happily at work again. Meanwhile here I am at home, filling you in on what's happening at Jennies.

Our book club just finished Inheritance of Loss, Kiran Disai's dark novel based in Northern India in the misty foothills of the Himalayas. Our first meeting was a huge success! Desai's ability to cover a range of topics and accurately describe human nature amazed us. We emerged from our discussion of this book touched by the fact of our western privilege and the contrasting themes of light and dark explicated in the stories of orphaned heroes who strive to pluck at hope within their dismal reality.
Our next book is All About Love by bell hooks. Stay tuned.

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