Feb 10, 2010


description by goodreads

Literary legend Jim Harrison's latest
collection of novellas, The Farmer's Daughter, finds him writing at the height of his powers, and in fresh and audacious new directions. The title novella is an uncompromising, beautiful tale of an extraordinary fifteen-year-old girl whose youth intersects with unexpected brutality. In the second novella Harrison's beloved recurring character Brown Dog, still looking for love, escapes from Canada back to the United States on the tour bus of a Native rock band. And in the final novella, a retired werewolf, misdiagnosed with a rare blood disorder brought on by the bite of a Mexican hummingbird, attempts to lead a normal life but is plagued by hazy, feverish episodes of epic lust, physical appetite, athletic exertions, and outbursts of violence under the full moon.

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