Mar 24, 2010


A list of crime fiction authors that I don't have time to write about but do highly recommend, especially for Gentle Readers:

Barbara Cleverly's
Joe Sandiland mysteries set in India in the age of the British Raj.

Barbara Nadel, Francis Hancock, undertaker, London, 1940.

Colin Cotterill, Laos after the Vietnamese communist takeover, Dr Siri, undertaker.

Rennie Airth, Inspector John Madden, England in the aftermath of WW.

Magdalen Nabb, Marshal Guarnaccia, Florence, Italy.

Deborah Crombie, Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James, Scotland Yard.

Mehmet Murat Somers, the Hop-ciki-Yaya series set in modern Istanbul's transvestite community.

James Church, Inspector O, North Korea

Robert Van Gulik, Judge Dee, ancient China.

Ariana Franklin, Dr. Adelia Aguilar, medieval England, .

Amanda Cross, Kate Fansler, English professor, New York City.

Donna Leon, of course, Venice.

Andrea Camilleri, Sicily. 

Gianrico Carofiglio, lawyer Guido Guerrieri, contemporary Italy. Everyone loves this series.

Nicolas Freeling, Inspector Van der Valk, 1060's Amsterdam. 

Jason Goodwin, Yashim Togalu, Ottoman Empire, court eunuch, Istanbul 1836.

Michael Genelin, contemporary Slovakia.

Kate Atkinson, the Jackson Brodie series set in Scotland.

Pierre Magnan, Commissaire LaViolette, France.

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