Sep 11, 2009

Haruki Murakami and Anne DeGrace

Posted by Josee Corrigan

I've discovered another author (new to me), actually Diana discovered him for me - Haruki Murakami. Right now I'm reading Kafka On The Shore. The novel follows two intriguing characters: a teenage boy, Kafka Tamura, who runs away from home hoping to find his missing mother and adopted sister; and an aging simpleton Nakata, who was involved in a strange wartime incident from which he has never recovered. Nakata is drawn toward Kafka for reasons that, like the most basic activities of daily life, he cannot fathom.

"As their paths converge, and the reasons for that convergence become clear, Haruki Murakami enfolds readers in a world where cats talk, fish fall from the sky, and spirits slip out of their bodies to make love or commit murder. Kafka on the Shore displays one of the world’s great storytellers at the peak of his powers."

Jennie has several of his novels on the shelves and all of them are very good.

Local author Anne DeGrace came into the store today to promote her upcoming book launch and reading happening September 17th at 7:30pm at the Nelson Library. Anne DeGrace is the author of Treading Water and Wind Tails. Her short stories and essays have appeared in The New Quarterly, Room of One's Own and Wascana Review. Her third novel, Sounding Line, draws from her family's Nova Scotia roots. You can find her books on our shelves or get a signed copy of her newest at the reading on the 17th.
Check her out at

On an entirely different note, we have some of the most beautiful cotton scarves in the store right now for only $20. They are a screaming deal in my not-so-humble opinion.

p.s. check out quill and quire blog link below in left column. Zoe Whittal has some interesting comments about the new trend in goofy memoirs (i.e. My Year of Doing Something Weird or Stupid or Virtuous Memoir).
p.p.s. (I just can't stop) Euro Crime - also find below left column- has info on Agatha Christie talks that have never been released on BBC. If you like her books then you'll want to know...

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