Sep 15, 2009

THE GREAT HOPEFUL SOMEDAY by Elizabeth Belliveau

Posted by Noam Ash

from Conundrum Press

The Great Hopeful Someday is the updated version of Belliveau’s popular collection of zine work called Something To Pet The Cat About. It includes three new zines and comes with a DVD of animations she has been working on for the past few years while attending residencies at The Banff Centre, the NFB (Montreal), The Klondike Institute for Arts and Culture, and Struts Gallery in Sackville New Brunswick. The book contains Belliveau’s most recent zines. Her finely inked images and text packed with nostalgia, which explore the beautiful in the mundane, have already received high praise:

"There’s something appealing about the immediacy and honesty of these pages. The drawings are evocative and charming, and an occasional self-consciousness in her writing is mitigated by self-satire.... Elisabeth Belliveau’s drawings gently capture people in odd moments, unsuspecting. Her perspective is detached, cautious, and spare, seeking out meaning in the mundane. Her moments of lyrical clarity are lovely." — Montreal Review of Books

"Every page takes my breath away, quickly and easily. I love the writing, and the artwork, the exquisite imagery, the seashells and the time, the thought, the effort put into drawing." — Broken Pencil

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