Aug 31, 2009

Canadian mystery writer - oooh, aaaahh

I know this must seem repetative, but I've been spending every possible waking moment on the beach, in the sun, and, whenever possible, reading. Just before I snuck out for a three day kayak trip I fell upon Still Life, the first of a series of Three Pines Mysteries by Louise Penny. If you like Agatha Christie, which I did and do, you'll love this writer. Best of all, Louise Penny is Canadian!! Still Life centres on the sweet little town of Three Pines situated in the eastern townships outside Montreal close to the US boarder. I fell in love with Detective Armand Gamache and I think you will too. Come and look for her other novels on our shelves: The Murder Stone (CBC Canada Reads Book Club), A Fatal Grace, Dead Cold, and The Cruelest Month. Yippee! It's so satifying to discover another author.

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