Aug 14, 2009

Flippant Funny Foolishness

I got a package in the mail today from a friend and fellow bookseller - yippee! It included, among other things, a hilarious little promotional comic strip featuring two dorky characters, The Literates, created by Christopher Moore. I was most impressed by the strip as promotional material created solely for the purpose of stimulating interest in his book Fool: A Novel based on Shakespeare's King Lear. It is an appropriate marketing tool for this genre - political humor fiction and a most interesting use of of the comic strip media. And best of all, it really worked, on me at least. I am infinitely more interested in this writer than I was previously.

The package also included a little Canadian mag called Broken Pencil: The Magazine of Zine Culture and the Independent Arts. It put me in mind of our local zine artist and resident, the fabulous Emily Beamer. We carry her cute little strip called 'tales of a broken hearted stick girl.' It's wonderfully funny and so endearing. You can check out her blog at

Newest darling read - Wendell Berry's Whitefoot: Story from the Center of the World. Look for it in the window. It's the sweetest snapshot story about a little mouse, Whitefoot. The illustrations by Davis Te Selle are original drawings and lovely, detailed images of little Whitefoot nesting, floating down a river, the trees, the wilds around her house. It's beautiful.

If you haven't got your daytimer for the new school year, come on in. Pole Star just brought in their newest...

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