Aug 3, 2009

Stieg Larson and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

To begin, we are in love with Stieg Larsson. We are waiting waiting waiting (tortuously) for the next book - Girl who played with Fire - to be released. So sad that he's dead and there will be no more Salander novels after the third book - Girl who Kicked the Hornets (title not confirmed) - in the Millenium Trilogy is published. Luckily we can look forward to the tv series and movie possibilities once all of the books are out - whew! This is worse than Harry Potter! (don't be confused, this is not fantasy, but fabulous crime fiction)
Come to Jennie's for the first in the series - Girl with the Dragon Tatto. You will not be able to put it down.

It was wonderful to read Robert Wiersema's review of Four Freedoms by John Crowley in the Globe last week. What a great review! So eloquently written. It made me want to run out and read everything by Crowley, especially Little, Big, one of Jennie's favorites too. Check it out at:

We've got a huge sale on children's gifts and toys right now - everything 50% off. Also, we've just got a new shipment of organic cottons from Maiwa, both clothing and bed linens. The new patterns are gorgeous and affordable - only about $10 more per item on average, very worth it for organic. Charlotte Kwon, founder of Maiwa, is encouraging organics in the traditional grassroots textiles industry of India by financially supporting organic cotton farmers, weavers, and dyers. This is a wonderful company. Find out more at:

Similar to the babatree basket company based in Africa, Maiwa does service to the producer, retailer and consumer. Yeah! It feels really good to be supporting these two companies.

It's smoky here today in the Slocan Valley. Fire is all around us. It's a great time to stay inside out of the haze and READ!

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