Aug 10, 2009

ITALIAN SHOES by Henning Mankell

Posted by Josee Corrigan

Lately I've been writing about what I've been reading and doing, but today I have direction from the BIG BOSS LADY! Jennie says, "tell EVERYONE," which means you, our followers on the world wide web, about Henning Mankell's fabulous book 'Italian Shoes: A Novel'. Note: this book is not crime fiction, Mankell's usual genre, but rather fiction of the less easily categorized variety. Jennie says, "it's so good that I will be reading it again." Now, I know for a fact she never does this, so clearly this is the read for those of you who like 'Jennie-picks'. Come in and grab it off our shelves. It's here.

note: This is Jennie's favourite book of the year.

In other news, look forward to Rex Murphy's up and coming book due for publication in October in hardcover, 'Canada and other matters of opinion'. Typical Murphy title - can't you just hear his cute little lisp...This book is really good. It is refreshing to read the work of our most-opinionated and widely spoken Canadian commentator covering political, social, economic and environmental issues from the Canadian perspective. This is a book that contextualizes Canadians on the global stage. Read it.

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