Aug 24, 2009

Ever heard that mushrooms could save the world?

Here we are another Monday.

Thankfully, two of my most interesting customers have shown up to remind me of the important things in life, the simple things, the spiritual things - Nature's intelligence. To ward off the Monday blues, I was pointed in the direction of a fascinating Earth poet and scholar, Stephan Buhner. His books Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers and Sacred Plant Medicine reveal insights about native plant species, their healing properties and the role of psychotropics in health and wellness. If you're really interested, Buhner is visiting our locale - Mountain Waters, Nelson - from September 2-6 to lead a five day program entitled Secret Teachings of Plants: A Depth Intensive. For more information go to:

But really, it all comes down to mushrooms as Paul Stamets, author of Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Save the World, explains. This book is an informative source for how to cultivate and use mushrooms to detoxify the planet, your body and your spirit.

Thanks guys for bringing me back to earth.

On another note entirely, I've received some reviews from those in the circle. Here it goes:

I know I've mentioned Little Big by John Crowley before, but Kate just finished it and says, "It's good. Complex, well written magic realism." So there...

Kristin Lavransdatter, the acknowledged masterpiece of the Nobel Prize-winning Norwegian novelist Sigrid Undset (1891-1949), is an amazing, if dense, medieval romance set in fourteenth-century Norway. The heroine of the trilogy, Kristin—beautiful, strong-willed, and passionate—stands with the world's great literary figures. I read and enjoyed this new translation very much. The three novels: The Wreath, The Wife and The Cross explore Kristin's life beginning with her ill-fated love affair and then marriage to Erland Nikalausson, continuing through her survivial of the Black Plague. In reading about Kristin's life you sense the experiences and the trials for women during this time period. Jennie says, "I read it long ago and it still resonates in my life".

Seeing as we're venturing into the classics, I'll take the time to mention yet again the beautiful unabridged versions of Little Women, Treasure Island, 1000 Leagues Under the Sea, Heidi, The Secret Garden, Oliver Twist, Gulliver's Travels, Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Black Beauty, Into the Wild, and White Fang. Don't forget about these when you're looking for books to read to your children or together as a family. These are beautiful, hardcover editions of these stories with stunning art by Scott McKowen who illustrates posters for the Roundabout Theatre in NYC and the Shaw Festival in Ontario. Check them out - even better they are only $12.95.

All right enough of that, I sound like a used carsaleman, but really....

Finally, last mention of the day is a new non-fiction book, Brunetti's Venice: Walks with the City's Best Loved Detective by Toni Sepeda. For those who love Commissario Guido Brunetti, star of Donna Leon's internationally best selling mystery series, now you can follow in his footsteps on over a dozen walks that highlight Venice's churches, markets, bars, cafes, and palazzos!

I'm off to read. bye.

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